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We stock and supply high-temperature alloys in Mumbai. We offer a one-stop destination for a wide range of services and products for all our customers.

Our Inventory

We maintain a wide stock of Duplex/ SDSS tubing and piping material in our warehouse. Contact Naman Pipes & Tubes for Machining, Fabrication & Cutting Services.

Product Range

Our range includes ASTM A213, A312, A269 seamless, welded and erw tubing, and other instrument fittings, valves, and flanges.

Our Services

We can offer a wide array of services taking care of complex components, which are available under strict tolerances. The overall results will always exceed your expectation.

Duplex Stainless Steel Stockists

What we offer?

All Forms and sizes in Duplex & Super Duplex Steel !

At Naman Pipes and Tubes first, we give you a cost estimate along with Test reports and proof of origin of the material. We don't raise the cost after knowing your urgency. That's why we are proud to announce to have 85% repeat clients and 55% given our reference to their friends.

Bar Sawing

In this process, a large blade is utilized to cut through thick metal. The blade allows the metal to be cut in a wide array of diameters, shapes and even cuts through bundles of material in a short time frame. We utilize the best machinery to enable precise structural cutting.

Laser cutting 

In laser, cutting services a laser is utilized to vaporize materials enabling a subline cut edge. The laser beam used in this process directs a high-power laser from the optics onto the metal. This system can handle jobs of any complexity, and they don’t cause any damage to the existing material.


In this metal fabrication process, sheets are cut in straight lines. This is due to the forces put by two adjoining blades on the flat metal surface. These blades can cut metal of any size in the blink of an eye as they are mounted at accurate angles easily.

Heat treatment

We can provide material which are heat-treated and precipitation hardened. This can be done for a wide range of material, which has been stocked in our inventory in annealed conditions.

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Q-Fin machines

The Q-Fin machinery is utilized to provide different types of finishes to the products. These machines can be utilized to polish, grind, deburr, round, and deslang different types of steel components. It removes existing burrs or laser cuts using its different properties. They can easily process steel, aluminum, and stainless steel elements.

Virtek inspection Laser

In this system, lasers are utilized to measure the accuracy of 2-dimensional parts in the module. They can easily capture over 500 data points in a second while having an accuracy of 0.05mm. It can be employed to produce different inspection reports, which help in the manufacturing process.

Waterjet Cutting

Waterjet utilizes high-pressure water or abrasive material to cut through a series of components easily. They are not affected by a heat zone, which makes them very versatile. The components produced using this process cause no material dissertation and require no additional surface finishing procedures.


We can bore or enlarge existing holes in high-integrity hollow and seamless pipes. These elements provide these components with enhanced tolerances and superior accuracy in different stress-induced environments.

Timesavers Belt Grinding Machine

This machinery utilizes one of the best deburring and grinding services in the country. After using this on a module, the surface finish of it is pristine and of the highest quality. This highly flexible machine is easy to use which infers that the item can be polished in a short time frame.


We can offer grinding services, which utilizes a grinder or a grinding wheel. In this process, the overall surface quality of the product is enhanced along with its accuracy and shape. This step helps in enhancing the overall integrity of the element.

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