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Who we are?

Our company is the pioneer of the steel revolution in the country. We bolster a stockyard of 40000 square feet in Taloja Navi Mumbai. We belong to the unique category of stockists who were established in 2006, who have gone on to become one of the major establishments in this growing industry.

Our Inventory

Our institution keeps stock of major grades of duplex stainless steels, which are available in different sizes. These popular grades can be utilized in a wide array of operations. Some grades which are not readily available can be availed at our outlets. Our wide distribution network allows us to transport all the material in a short time frame. The ultimate goal of our operation is to be able to provide the best products at reasonable rates throughout the world.

Plant shutdowns and emergencies

During emergencies and plant shutdowns or maintenance, the important material needed to kick start the operation are available in our enormous inventory. We have a stock of products of odd sizes, which can provide precise measurements in case of this predicament. Our supreme testing services ensure that all our products are quality tested before departure.

Our company was started on a small scale and slowly evolved to reach great heights over the years. We stepped foot in the trading sector in 2008 as we exported our products to the Middle East, Malaysia, and Europe. We are an ISO 9001:2008 Certified Organization which further, cements our claim of providing the best products for all.

Over the years with, aggressive investment in cutting-edge technology and improvements in logistics, we can supply different grades of metal across the globe in a short period. Our core team along, with our hardworking staff, ensures we provide quality products and services to all.

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