Our company is one of the leading tycoons in the metal industry across the globe. We can provide you with a platform to kick start or continue your existing career in the industry. Our global presence enables us to have some excellent minds. The goal of our institution is to have the best minds in a team providing services and finding solutions to different problems together. We are proud to provide a working environment that has friendly staff, transparent working systems, and equal status for all. Our years of experience along with your enthusiasm could be the best partnership for both our growths.

What is it like working in our illustrious institution?

We believe in a united workforce which ties our workforce along with our clients for long periods. Our staff forms an integral part of our system and act as our backbone in our growth. We thrive to provide them with the best working facilities alongside developing them to be the leaders in their respective fields. Our teams can tackle any problems and interact with the clients easily. This helps us build strong relationships with our clients and our business associates.

The morale of our firm firmly refrains against any forms of harassment or inequality within our ranks. Each staff member equates equal respect and is provided with an eco-friendly workspace. This comes along with competitive pay and different incentives.

There are few openings up for grabs right now. Find the requirements mentioned below.

Sales executive

A passionate sales executive is responsible for connecting the business with different clients. We are in search of a hardworking candidate who can communicate with different customers elegantly.


  • Excellent communication skills.
  • Meeting clients during a sales meeting or virtually.
  • Easily showcase our wide range of products.
  • Able to meet sales goals.
  • Work closely with the sales team to improve the performance of the team.
  • Can converse and listen to client needs easily.
  • Can solve and meet customer problems and demands.
  • Good counter-objection skills.
  • Maintain records accurately.

Full-time job with a top package with an array of incentives.

Quality check analyst

We are hiring an innovative quality analyst who can join our core team immediately. The analyst plays a pivotal role in planning, designing, and executing various tests and implementing various projects. The selected candidate will closely work with different teams to improve existing plans and recommend different functional changes.


  • Work with the testing team and implement different tests.
  • Have strong attention to detail.
  • Good analytical and problem-solving capabilities.
  • Identify and improve lapses and defects within the system.
  • Check material quality and verify shapes and sizes of steel products.
  • Follow the entire formation stage of the product until it is shipped.
  • Solve any client problems and shortcomings.

Competitive package with excellent incentives.

Site supervisor

We are looking for an experienced supervisor who can run various projects and guide the construction team. The candidate must have previous experience  working on big projects managing many workers. The successful applicant must have good knowledge of safety regulations and different building codes.

Responsibilities and roles

  • Excellent leadership skills.
  • Can communicate easily with workers.
  • Routine inspections to detect any hazards to prevent any disasters.
  • Implement safety regulations throughout the site.
  • Educate the staff on various safety requirements and procedures.
  • Maintain records and analyze the performance of the workforce.
  • Go through designs and implement any necessary changes.
  • Update the progress of a project on a daily basis.

Full-time job with a good salary and paid leaves.

Logistic support executive

We are in search of a logistic support executive who can continuously provide details about the transportation and logistics of our products.

Responsibility and roles

  • Good verbal communication skills.
  • Excellent time management skills.
  • Computer savvy with relative experience in SAP/ERP applications and other required systems.
  • Connect the logistics and the shipping team.
  • Provide product location and answer customer queries.
  • Share documents with the clients.

Competitive pay with a flexible shift.

Join our institution today as let us grow together and become the best partnership in the world.

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