Packaging and Shipping

Packaging and Shipping


Packaging and Shipping

Transporting products from one place to the other is an important and delicate process. During this process, various things have to be maintained properly to ensure that the product is safe. Packing is an important operation while transporting different elements. It helps in protecting the various elements against physical and environmental damages.

Our company takes utmost care that the product which left our warehouse is similar to the one delivered to your doorstep. We spare no expense and utilize a wide range of packing materials and techniques to ensure safe transportation. Below are a few packing materials we utilize.

Printed cardboard tubes

The packing material is one of the best and environmentally friendly materials. This material provides excellent protection to different modules as they are shipped from one location to the other. They are highly durable and resistant to different environmental elements across a long time frame. It can be utilized in covering pipes and bars between 4500mm to 7000mm and weights up to 150kgs. Each end of the tubes is fitted with a plastic cap and mono tape.

Shrink wrapped pallets

In this process, layers of stretchable plastic are wrapped around the item. This is done utilizing an LPG heat shrink gun which melts the plastic and forms around the pallet and the material. This packing helps the package from sliding and prevents boxes from getting torn. The shrink wrap is 200 microns thick and is used to cover bars, pipes, plates, and sheets of different sizes. It also helps to reduce the space occupied by the package and is an economical option for a lot of customers.

Pallets Banded

Banded pallets are utilized on packages that require vertical compression and strategic security and, not much of dirt protection. This is widely utilized in covering sheets and plates. A corrugated plastic strip is utilized to cover the package which is followed by plastic or steel banded with cardboard edging. It helps in reducing work-related accidents due to its unique protection scheme. These cost-saving packing system is available in various standard sizes.

Heat treated wooden sheet boxes

These wooden boxes are utilized in transporting various sheets and plates. They are highly durable as they are produced from high-quality wood. They provide excellent protection to the items as they are shipped across the globe. They can be utilized for sizes between 2150mm x 1150mm x 100mm. These high tension boxes are highly weather-resistant and have anti-skid properties.

Cardboard boxes

Cardboard boxes are designed with excellent strength and provide good support the items. They are used in transporting bars, plates, sheets, pipes, and other fittings. These flexible boxes follow a unique packing system that is lightweight and highly reliable. They are tapped together using mono tapes, which gives them extra strength and durability during the shipping process.

Heat treated wooden pallets/ collars/ lids

The packing is utilized mostly for large orders of bars, pipes, and machined parts. The packing is first treated to get rid of pests or insects which would damage the products. They are later screwed, nailed, or banned. A banned packing material leaves no exposed material ensuring, that the items are not exposed and are completely protected during transportation.

Polypropylene white sacks

Sacks are utilized in packing orders of small sizes. They possess anti-microbial and weather-resistant properties. With superior tensile properties, the sacks are resistant to moisture and different temperature changes. After the metal is covered with them mono tape is utilized to prevent the sack from tearing during transit.

Flexform packing

This packing system is utilized in packing bars of different sizes and shapes. It is a very reliable and durable packing system for different types of items. They are available in sizes of 50.8mm, 101.6mm, 152.4mm, 203.2mm, and 254mm x 5000mm in length.

Logistics and shipping

All our items are transported and shipped through reputed firms or our fleet of logistical systems. The modules are properly checked and full, care is taken that no damage is incurred to it during the transporting process.